Hulkageddon Guide 2012

The Hulkageddon Guide for Gankers

From Fresh Alts to Seasoned Vets, all you need to know about killing miners in Eve Online

  By Marc Scaurus
Tactical Entertainment Network EVE Online Contributor

 (Author’s Note: This blog post is LONG!  You have the option of DOWNLOADING THIS GUIDE as a PDF by clicking HERE)


1. What is Hulkageddon

2. Why Participate?

3. Rolling a Fresh Alt (With or Without Friends)

4. Two Week Hero: The Thrasher Alt

   4a. The Plan

   4b. The Fit

5. The Two Week Hero: Tornado Edition

   5a. The Plan

   5b. The Fit

6. Some Skill Required: The Catalyst

7. Some Skill Required: The Disco-phoon

   7a. The Fit:

   7b. The Tactic:

8. The Neutral Alt

   8a. Ship Scanning

      8a1. Skills Needed:

      8a2. Mods Needed:

      8a3. The Tactic

   8b. Combat Probing

      8b1. Skills Needed:

      8b2. Mods Needed:

      8b3. The Tactic

   8c. The Salvager/Hauler

      8c1. Skills Needed:

      8c2. Mods Needed:

      8c3.  The Tactic

   8d. The Mobile Assault Base (aka Orca Alt)

9. GankTime (Or The Part You Really Care About)

   9a. For the Non-flashy Ganker

   9b. Ganking For Outlaws

   9c.Traveling through High Sec as a Gang

   9d. Bookmarking Cans

   9e. The Cloaky Warp In

   9f. The Probey Warp In

   9g. Other Methods

10. Cleaning Up

What is Hulkageddon?

Hulkageddon is a semi-annual event that started in 2009. Helicity Boson (then of The Python Cartel., a well-known pirate organization) decided to make a contest to see who could kill the most miners in high sec via suicide gank. At the end of the first Hulkageddon,  66 Exhumers, 22 mining barges and 27 pods were killed, with a loss of approximately 300 ships. Since then, the numbers of ships destroyed as well as participants have skyrocketed.

Hulkageddon typically lasts for a well-defined period of time, setting it apart from other high security gank events (such as the Goonswarm Ice Interdiction of 2011). After the first Hulkageddon, the event has always featured extensive prizes. For Hulkageddon V, Helicity has partnered with Goonswarm Federation to provide 100 million ISK for every 10 Hulks or Mackinaws destroyed by gankers, making it a potentially lucrative venture.
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Why Participate?

Apart from the contest prizes mentioned above, suicide ganking in and of itself can be lucrative if done right. The mods dropped by even just a T2-fit Hulk can often at least pay for the ISK invested in the destroyers required to destroy it. Many Hulk pilots like to fit faction mods in an effort to further ‘gank-proof’ their ships, meaning even more profit if gankers are selective with their targets. Finally, T2 ships can be salvaged for valuable components, making it imperative for the profit-conscious high sec ganker to have a salvaging alt along for the ride.

Botting is an ever-convenient excuse to take the war to high security space as well. Hordes of programmed Mackinaws and Hulks prowl the belts and fields of New Eden, generating ever-increasing amounts of ISK without the pain and suffering of actually having to be there. Thinning the herd can not only be profitable in terms of ISK, but can also be quite morally satisfying.

And for the less discerning ganker, sometimes you do these things just for the laughs (of yourself and your compatriots) and the tears (of your unwitting victims). Indeed, for many this is the only reward worth mentioning, and reason enough to continue ganking high sec residents all year round.
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Rolling a Fresh Alt (With or Without Friends)

For some, a character’s security status is precious. If you are one of these people, do not be discouraged! You can still participate in the glories of Suicide Ganking with just a small amount of time invested (and a spare character slot). In just about two weeks, you can have a character trained to become the scourge of asteroid belts everywhere – and you won’t even have to update its clone!

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Two Week Hero: The Thrasher Alt

For this hero, you will need a spare character slot, two weeks of training time to spare, approximately 40 million ISK for implants, a minimal amount of ISK for skillbooks, and some friends. A solo Thrasher won’t, in all likelihood, be able to take out an Exhumer or Barge – but a small fleet of 4-5 Thrasher alts will lay waste to asteroid belts everywhere.

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The Plan

Follow this skillplan (as well as the notes) in order to achieve a sweet little Thrasher Hero in under 14 days:

0. Cybernetics
1. Energy Management I
2. Energy Management II
3. Long Range Targeting I
4. Signature Analysis I
5. Signature Analysis II
6. Signature Analysis III
7. Signature Analysis IV
*** REMAP TO THE FOLLOWING: I-17 P-27 C-17 W-21 M-17***
8. Gunnery III
9. Gunnery IV
10. Warp Drive Operation I
11. Destroyers I
12. Motion Prediction I
13. Sharpshooter I
14. Weapon Upgrades I
15. Evasive Maneuvering I
16. Surgical Strike I
17. Trajectory Analysis I
18. Warp Drive Operation II
19. Destroyers II
20. Motion Prediction II
21. Sharpshooter II
22. Evasive Maneuvering II
23. Surgical Strike II
24. Trajectory Analysis II
25. Warp Drive Operation III
26. Destroyers III
27. Motion Prediction III
28. Sharpshooter III
29. Minmatar Frigate III
30. Evasive Maneuvering III
31. Surgical Strike III
32. Trajectory Analysis III
33. Spaceship Command IV
34. Small Projectile Turret IV
35. Destroyers IV
36. Evasive Maneuvering IV
37. Surgical Strike IV
38. Small Projectile Turret V

16 unique skills, 39 skill levels; Total time: 14 days, 7 hours, 49 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Fit

This skillplan is primarily geared towards flying the following fit:

[Thrasher, Hulk Smashing Thrasher]
Gyrostabilizer I
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

Sensor Booster I, Scan Resolution
Sensor Booster I, Scan Resolution
Sensor Booster I, Scan Resolution

280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
280mm Howitzer Artillery I, Republic Fleet Fusion S
[empty high slot]

[empty rig slot]
[empty rig slot]
[empty rig slot]

Warp Drive Operation is included in the skillplan to help your alt out when the inevitable happens – you warp in just as the target warps out. Rather than sit, dumb and pretty, while the faction navies whomp on your Thrasher, you should be able to warp back out before anything awful happens.
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The Two Week Hero: Tornado Edition

With Crucible came the introduction of the fantastic Tier 3 Battlecruisers: the Naga, Oracle, Talos and Tornado. While all of them pack a fearsome punch in the form of Battleship Sized Guns, only one is the preferred hull of the BC-Ganker. That, of course, is the Minmatar’s Tornado. Fit with devastating battleship sized artillery, it can deliver (depending on skills of course) alpha strikes of 10,000 damage or more.

As with the Thrasher hero, the Tornado hero will require a set of +3s (minus the Charisma implant), a spare character slot, two weeks of training time, and some help from your friends (if you want it).
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The Plan

***REMAP TO THE FOLLOWING: I-17 P-27 C-17 W-21 M-17***
Cybernetics I
Electronic Warfare I
Propulsion Jamming I
Energy Grid Upgrades I
Energy Grid Upgrades II
Tactical Shield Manipulation I
Shield Upgrades I
Long Range Targeting I
Mechanics III
Jury Rigging I
Spaceship Command IV
Battlecruisers I
Battlecruisers II
Battlecruisers III
Minmatar Frigate I
Minmatar Frigate II
Minmatar Frigate III
Minmatar Frigate IV
Minmatar Cruiser I
Minmatar Cruiser II
Minmatar Cruiser III
Gunnery III
Gunnery IV
Gunnery V
Small Projectile Turret I
Small Projectile Turret II
Small Projectile Turret III
Medium Projectile Turret I
Medium Projectile Turret II
Medium Projectile Turret III
Large Projectile Turret I
Large Projectile Turret II
Large Projectile Turret III
Surgical Strike I
Surgical Strike II
Surgical Strike III
Motion Prediction I
Motion Prediction II
Motion Prediction III
Motion Prediction IV
Weapon Upgrades I
Weapon Upgrades II
Weapon Upgrades III
Weapon Upgrades IV
Engineering IV

Total time: 15 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes, 48 seconds (13 days, 18 hours after implants)
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The Fit

The above plan will get your fresh alt into the following fit:

[Tornado, Hulk Smashing Nado]

Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Reactor Control Unit I
Reactor Control Unit I

Large Azeotropic Ward Salubrity I
Invulnerability Field I
Warp Disruptor I
Conjunctive Ladar ECCM Scanning Array I
Sensor Booster I

1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
1400mm Gallium I Cannon, Arch Angel Phased Plasma L
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Some Skill Required: The Catalyst

The Catalyst is undeniably, post-Crucible, the king of High Sec Ganking Destroyers. Granted, it’s a small kingdom consisting only of itself and the Thrasher, but regardless – the sheer vehemence with which the Catalyst can be used to destroy Mackinaws and untanked Hulks in high security space is unrivalled. Factor in the fact that it is relatively cheap and operates completely independently, and you have yourself a champion of a ship.

There are some drawbacks. First, while you theoretically could get into a Catalyst with T1 mods (and probably a scarce two weeks of training), you would really be missing out on what makes the Catalyst so good. The reason that Two Week Heros can be utilized on freshly rolled alts is the fact that the Minmatar ships focus on high alpha strikes, as opposed to raw, unmitigated DPS. Thus, with a few friends, even low-skilled characters can Alpha Strike down a target (i.e. destroy the target in just one volley).

The Catalyst does not have a high Alpha value. Instead, it’s blasters cycle fast and deliver a steady stream of miner-destroying damage. Thus, it really shines when coupled with good gunnery skills (Rapid Firing springs to mind) and T2 guns (for Void). Here are a couple fits:

[Catalyst, T1 Meta]

Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S

Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
[Empty Med slot]

Linear Flux Stabilizer I
Linear Flux Stabilizer I
Linear Flux Stabilizer I

Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
[Empty Rig slot]

[Catalyst, T2]

Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S
Light Ion Blaster II, Void S

Warp Disruptor I
Sensor Booster I

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
[Empty Rig slot]

As you can see, both variants utilize rigs. Usually you don’t worry about rigs, but here (once again) it is all about maximizing the amount of damage you are doing over a given period of time. Typically, in a 0.5 system, you can get through as many as 10 volleys before being destroyed by CONCORD (depending on skills and overheating, etc). Maximizing the damage done by each of those 10 volleys can make the difference between a dead Hulk and a laughing one.
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Some Skill Required: The Disco-phoon

One of the most annoying things a miner can do is team up with an Orca fit with Remote Shield Transporters. More than one gank has gone wrong because the gankers didn’t count on that Orca being able to repair at least some of the damage being put out on the target Exhumer. However, there is always an upside! Often, Orcas will attract other little guppies, all clustered around the Mommy Miner for protection. Should you encounter 3 or more Exhumers (mainly Mackinaws, for their weaker tanks), do not despair! Instead, go buy yourself a Typhoon (or other appropriate battleship) and have some fun with them!

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The Fit:

[Typhoon, You Thought You Were Safe]

Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge

Medium Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800
Medium Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800
Medium Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800
Medium Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800

Damage Control I
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Layered Plating I
Layered Plating I

[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]
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The Tactic:

Get a solid warp-in to the Orca in question, land right next to Mommy Miner, and activate all your bombs at once. Do not use your Cap Boosters right away – you don’t need them yet. By the time your second volley of smartbombs has detonated, not only will the miners around you be feeling the pain – you will too. CONCORD and the Faction Navy will be on you like white on rice, busy doing all sorts of nasty things (hence the tank mods in the lows). In order to get off the third (and possibly fourth!) rounds of smartbombs, you will need to use your Cap Boosters.

One of the many dastardly things that CONCORD does to you upon spawning is to neut the ever-living bejesus out of you. You will be at zero cap. Once that happens, shortly before the third cycle of your smartbombs, smash two of your Cap Booster modules. This will give you the juice to fire off your full rack of smartbombs. The reason a Typhoon is the ideal ship is that they can fit two sets of two cap boosters, meaning that if your tank can hold on through the onslaught of the police, you will be able to fire off a fourth round of smartbombs.

Typically, a Mackinaw will be destroyed on the third round of smartbombing. However, if you want to make sure no one escapes your devastation (or you want to catch pods napping), the fourth is essential.

The con of this fit is the fact that it is a battleship, and thus more or less unable to traverse the highways of high security space for -5.0 (or below) characters. For the outlaws among us, simply have an alt stage the ship for you in the target system (this will, unfortunately, require them to have the fitting skills necessary to have everything online).

The Neutral Alt

One of the last pieces of the puzzle when it comes to suicide ganking is having a second alt. While not strictly necessary for the ganker who manages (somehow) to keep their security status at acceptable levels, it is still useful for those that don’t mind dualboxing, and can save a lot of heartache as far as targets go. In addition, they are invaluable during the ‘cleanup’ phase (the part where you have the chance to actually make ISK) and pretty handy to have in general.

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Ship Scanning

One of the most overlooked ways of making sure your suicide gank will be a success is having an alt ship scan the potential targets. By utilizing this method, you can get a solid idea as to what your target has fit, and thus whether or not your current fleet composition (be it a lone Tornado or five Thrashers) has what it takes to conquer it.

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Skills Needed:

Targeting II
Electronics II
Signature Analysis III (Higher Levels are good)
Survey III (Higher Levels are good)
Long Range Targeting II (Higher Levels are good)

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Mods Needed:

Passive Targeter II
Ship Scanner II
Cargo Scanner II (optional)

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The Tactic

Have your scanner alt sidle up to the potential target. Utilizing T2 modules, the alt in question should be able to perform their scans at approximately [XX] kilometers. Once anywhere within that range:

1. Make sure your alt has no other targets locked

2. Pre-fire the Passive Targeter module by clicking on the button

3. Click on the target (in space or on the overview)

4. The target will be locked without a Yellow Bracket showing on their overview

5. While locking, pre-fire the Ship Scanner and Cargo Scanner (if applicable)

6. When the lock is resolved, both scanners will cycle and open windows displaying modules fitted and items in cargo

7. Immediately refire the Ship Scanner, as this module does not always show accurate results

8. Unlock the Target

9. Compare the two Ship Scans to get an idea of what they have fit

If you have some experience with Hulk or Mackinaw tanks, you may not need to EFT/Pyfa the fit you’ve seen to get an accurate idea of the amount of Alpha you need. However, as a rule of thumb, even the tankiest Hulk will always die to 7 or more Thrashers, so if you really aren’t sure – take 7 or more.

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Combat Probing

Sometimes, miners like to hide in Gravometric sites, things full of asteroids that can only be found by way of scan probes. These miners are often lazier than average, believing themselves to be safe from the loaded guns of the suicide ganker. An alt equipped with the skills and ships to probe down these special individuals can prove invaluable, even to the non-flashy ganker.

Additionally, there is one method for -10 gankers to use a combat probe alt to get super-accurate warp ins to targets, making life easier for the foot soldiers among us.
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Skills Needed:

Astrometrics (IV or V Preferred)
Astrometrics Pinpointing (IV Preferred)
Astrometrics Acquisition (IV Preferred)
Astrometrics Rangefinding (IV Preferred)
Racial Frigate (V Preferred)

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Mods Needed:

Expanded Probe Launcher (Sisters Version Preferred)
Combat Scanner Probes (Sisters Version Preferred)
Magnate (Anathema Preferred)
Heron (Buzzard Preferred)
Probe (Cheetah Preferred)
Imicus (Helios Preferred)

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The Tactic

This is a guide on how to blow things up in High Security space – not a guide on how to probe. That is a very large topic that is handled ably by any number of guides available on the internet. Here are some recommended links:

Utilizing the knowledge in those guides, you simply track down the target in question and prepare a warp in (in one of the ways which will be covered later in this guide.
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The Salvager/Hauler

The last type of alt (and please note that one secondary alt can be trained in a reasonably short amount of time to do most, if not all, of these functions) you should really have is the Salvager/Hauler. As was mentioned in the introduction, picking up the mods that miners drop, as well as any ore they’ve managed to accumulate prior to their untimely demise, can be enough to pay for the ships and fits used to kill the miners in question.

In addition, salvaging the wrecks of T2 mining barges can be quite lucrative. Thus, it is to your benefit to have something nearby to salvage the wrecks. This must usually be done quickly, however, as others will no doubt try to deprive you of your well-earned spoils.
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Skills Needed:

Salvaging IV (or III with Salvaging rigs fitted)
Ship of choice (can be done in a Frigate, but for hauling ore drops, an Industrial is recommended)

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Mods Needed:

Salvager I
Salvage Rigs (Optional)

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The Tactic

Not much to this. If using a cloaky warp in system (covered later), you can fit your spare high slots on the cloaky ship with Salvage capabilities and simply decloak, motorboat over to the field of wrecks, and go to town.

Remember to pick up the loot dropped by the suicide ships as well! Recycling makes Mother Earth happy.

The Mobile Assault Base (aka Orca Alt)

Now, most of the tactics described later in this guide assume the worst case scenario for the ganker: you are lower than -5.0 security status, and you must traverse many high sec gates on your way to do God’s work. However, there is a way to somewhat shorten the misery that is high sec travel, and this is by using the Orca Alt.

Orca’s are amazing creatures of the spacelanes. Commonly used to boost Mining Operations and serve as mobile industry command centers, they can actually be turned into the backbone of your ganking operation. Every Orca has a 400,000 m3 Ship Maintenance Array, capable of holding assembled and fitted ships. These ships can then either be ejected into space for the ganker to board, or can be boarded by the pirate directly by right clicking on the Orca in space.

Whichever way you choose to do it, the Orca can be filled with up to seven destroyers at a time. In times past, you used to be able to board a new ship even while having GCC. However, recent changes make this impossible, somewhat limiting the use of the Orca. However, it sure beats hoofing a destroyer across several jumps of high sec. Instead, you can load up your Orca alt and take both the alt and your ganking character to the target system, staying there until supplies run out.

To add utility to the Orca alt, you can also use it as your salvaging/hauling platform. However, use it to scoop loot sparingly, as this will flag the Orca as a lawful target to the victim of your latest gank. Don’t let things end tragically!

Here is an example of an all-in-one approach to the Mobile Assault Orca:

[Orca, MAB]

Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
Salvager I
Improved Cloaking Device II

Prototype 100MN MicroWarpdrive I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Passive Targeter II
Ship Scanner II

Damage Control II
Reactor Control Unit II

Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I

This allows you to haul what you need, probe as required (though not with the effectiveness of a CovOps or even a bonused T1 frigate), hide when needed, perform the valuable scanning role (without raising suspicion, because really, who uses an Orca to scout?!), and hopefully not die to other gankers. The obvious con of using the Orca in such a fashion is that it may very well become a target for other gankers.
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GankTime (Or The Part You Really Care About)

As you might imagine in a game as deep as Eve Online, there is more than one way to skin a Hulk. Depending on your own proficiencies, your fleet composition, the security rating of the system the attack is to take place in, and the behavior of your target, there is no ‘right way’ to kill a miner. Trial and error must be expected to occur – especially error. Typically, however, the problem in suicide ganking is often one of misjudging the tank of your target and not bringing enough alpha. Similarly, misplaced warp ins can spell doom for your merry band of outlaws. Here are some ways to do it:


For the Non-flashy Ganker

For those whose personal security status is compatible with the target system’s security rating (see chart below), suicide ganking is really quite simple. Find the target, approach the target, then let slip the dogs of war.


Players with -2.0 or worse will be attacked in 1.0 systems

Players with -2.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.9 systems

Players with -3.0 or worse will be attacked in 0.8 systems

Players with -3.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.7 systems

Players with -4.0 or worse will be attacked in 0.6 systems

Players with -4.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.5 systems

However, the most important consideration is often keeping the target from getting spooked. During events like Hulkageddon, warping your gank Tornado to zero in a belt and slowboating over to your victim may work – but more often, the target will grow wary of the interloper (you) and warp off before you’re ready to do the deed. Thus, it is advised that even non-flashy gankers use one of the methods described below for those who are permanently outlaws.

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Ganking For Outlaws

As alluded to previously, one of the most important aspects of suicide ganking is gathering intel on your target. Often disregarded (leading to many tragically wasted destroyers), performing a quick ship scan can mean the difference between ISK for all, and a laugh from the terrible person mining merrily away in the belt, surrounded by your wrecks.

As a baseline, the following chart uses a 0.5 system (with slow CONCORD response times) as an example:


Target Ship Thrashers Catalysts Tornados
Retriever 1 1 OVERKILL
Mackinaw 2-3 1-2 1
Hulk 4-5 3-4 1-2


In the case of the two destroyer entries, add one for each level of security rating higher than 0.5. If you have well-skilled pilots flying the destroyers, you can go with the low end of the spectrum, but if you are flying around with a band of 2 week heros, you’ll likely want to err on the safe side. The reason for this is that as the security level of the system rises, CONCORD spawns much quicker, resulting in less gun cycles going off and more initial alpha (or dps in the case of the blaster catalyst) required.

Another good rule of thumb is that if you have enough time to not only kill the target, but also the target pilot’s pod afterwards, you brought more than enough. If you manage to kill the pod and spend an inordinate amount of time (longer than 3 seconds) staring at your ship, waiting to die, you brought way too much. Scale your fleets down accordingly.

As a note regarding ammo – do not use more than you need. For Thrashers, never use more than 4 ammo per gun (28 total). For Catalysts, approximately 8-10 should be more than enough (again, the higher sec status the less shots you’ll be able to get off) per gun, or 60-80 total. Finally, Tornados will likely never use more than 2, so pack in 16-24 total.

The last thing you should do is ensure that you have the appropriate character(s) in the Fleet/Wing/Squad command positions. Typically the top most commander is your scout, especially if you are using the ‘Sling’ method of fleet warping (covered in a minute). The Squad Command position is typically taken by whoever is in a gank ship and leading your merry band of rascals (so that he can warp the gank ships as needed, but will not accidentally warped your scout in his pimped out CovOps frigate).

Fleet Commander: Scout 1
Wing Commander: Scout 2 (if applicable)
Squad Commander: Gank Leader
Squad Members: Ganker 1
Ganker 2
Ganker 3
Ganker 4
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Traveling through High Sec as a Gang

If you are staging your group of -10 dread pirates out of lowsec for Hulkageddon, it will become necessary very quickly to travel as a pack across multiple high security jumps. The most reliable way of accomplishing this is via fleet warping. It is imperative that your fleet move as one, because stragglers may end up being caught by Faction Police on the way to a gank, whose spawn was triggered seconds earlier by Mr. Speedy with all his spaceship navigation skills trained up. If you lose a ship en route to a gank, the FC must make an instant decision whether to press on, or to turn back to lowsec – there is no time for indecision when you are an outlaw in lowsec.

The most foolproof (read: drunkproof) way I have come across of doing this is to follow these steps:
1. Rally in lowsec at a bookmark near the high sec gate
2. Have everyone align to the high sec gate
3. Initiate a Squad Warp in lowsec. This is to test that you are sober enough to hit the right butan
4. Before giving the command to jump the gate, ensure everyone is present and no one missed the fleet warp.
5. Jump the fleet
6. Wait 2-3 seconds after your own client has fully loaded in the high sec system. Yes, Faction Police are spawning. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. (If possible, it sometimes helps for your fellow gankers to let you know on comms when they have loaded).
7. Initiate fleet warp to your next high sec destination
8. Repeat steps 5-7 as needed to get to the target system

Okay, so at long last – you’ve located a target, you brought the right amount of ships, and your fleet is safely arrived in the target system. What next?


Bookmarking Cans

So you have your scout prowling the vicious lanes of High Security space when he happens upon a likely target. A Hulk, by himself, in a belt – and a full flight of mining drones out. Your scout performs his surreptious scans and finds it a good target. However, being a good scout, he also notices that there is a can (presumably holding ore) right next to the Hulk.

Simply right click the can, hit ‘Save Location’, and label it appropriately (I tend to use the Hulk pilot’s name in this instance, as well as a date). From here, you have two options:

a) You can trade the bookmark to the Squad Commander of the gank fleet, who will then copy it into their own bookmarks and fleet warp the gankers himself

b) Or you can set the scout as Squad (or Wing or Fleet, as you wish) Commander and station him on grid with the in-gate of the gank fleet. When the gankers jump in (give them an extra second or two to fully load in the system), the scout initiates a Squad (or Wing/Fleet) warp, then quickly presses Ctrl-Spacebar to stop his own warp.

Option b) is what is sometimes referred to as a ‘sling warp’, as the initiator of the warp is slinging the ships onwards, but not following. It is also the least time consuming method, but if your scout is one of the gankers dualboxing, it may be advisable to instead take the safe route and trade the bookmark.

Before using this method, your scout must do their best to make sure that the can is very, very close to the target – within 1000m. As warps place you within ~2500 meters of your actual target, a can that is sitting 2500m away from the target can result in some of your gank ships landing 5km away – outside Catalyst optimal and on the edge of Thrasher optimal.
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The Cloaky Warp In

By far, the most common method of warp in is the simple ‘cloaked up alt nearby’ method. This works reasonably well with Thrashers, which when fit with Artillery are more forgiving of direct range placement.

In this method, your scout must (while staying cloaked) navigate as close as possible (~4000m or closer) to the target without decloaking and spooking him. In its simplest execution, this is all that is required – remain cloaked, fly as close to the target ship as possible, and sit there. The gankers then jump into the system and are fleet warped to the cloaky member of their fleet, landing (hopefully) within their optimals and raining destruction down upon the hapless miner.

For Catalyst ganks, this can sometimes spell disaster. Warping in *somewhere* in a 2500m sphere to the cloaky target will sometimes land the Catalyst perfectly, but more often than not land him in a useless range. Thus, the ‘warp to range’ feature is much preferred for Catalysts (or ganks of all kinds if getting close is impossible due to drones, roids, etc).

Here, the scout must be a little better. They must cloaky pilot themselves to a point 10km off the target, with the target in line with the gankers’ in-gate.

[insert shitty paint]

Using this method will produce more predictable range placement, as everyone will land 10km from the cloaky alt – directly on top of the target. (Note: longer ranges may be used if asteroids/ice objects are a problem, so long as it is at a range the fleet can warp to [20, 50, 70, 100km]).


The Probey Warp In

Similar to the Bookmark Can method, the Probey Warp in relies on slingshotting the fleet with a cloaky scout, only this time the scout has obtained the bookmark by way of combat probes. It is advised that, having gained a 100% probe hit on the target in question, the scout should check on the target at range (warp to 30, 50, whatever). If the target is not moving (most miners do not move whatsoever), the probe hit will be excellent for sending the fleet into warp. They will all land within 2500m of the target, and once again rain fiery death upon the hapless miner.

If, however, the target is moving, this method is probably not advisable. However, here are some things to consider when deciding whether to use this method:
1. How fast is the target moving
2. How far away is the gankers’ in-gate to the target’s location in system
3. How fast can your scout complete a probe scan

Most mining ships do not move very fast even when orbiting an asteroid. If the target is less than a 10 AU (rule of thumb, your mileage may vary) warp away from the in-gate, you could probably give this a shot still. In addition, if your scout has maxed probing skills, he will be able to complete a probe scan in a very short amount of time. If you decide to do this, here is the process.

1. When the gankers land on the target system gate, the scout initiates a probe scan
2. As the gankers jump in to the target system, the probe scan should complete
3. As soon as the probe scan is complete (and the gankers are loaded in system), initiate fleet warp to the target.

With any luck, the fleet will still land within easy optimal range of the target, and you will have committed another successful crime.
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Other Methods

The three methods described above are primarily in reference to alpha ships (destroyers and Tornados). However, there are a multitude of other ways to gain Hulk kills during Hulkageddon, including (but not limited to):

Gank Thoraxes
Gank Brutixes
Smartboming Battleships

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that canflipping Hulk kills still count, etc. This guide does not delve into every possibility, because it would soon be splitting hairs, and is meant to demonstrate the most cost efficient, easily accessible way for anyone to get in on the action.
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Cleaning Up

To wrap this guide up, we’ll talk about what to do after the gank has been completed. Here are some tips:

Do NOT forget to loot and salvage everything (with priority on salvaging the T2 wrecks)

If there are other potential targets in local, do NOT shit up local. Feel free to do so if the system is exhausted of targets, however.

Do not get discouraged if your first couple ganks go wrong. In my personal experience, the first gank never works. Be it superstition or the blood gods demanding sacrifice, it will always take some errors to get to the end.

Experiment! These are just the basics and there are plenty of ways to get that sweet Hulk loot (and miner tears, if that is your thing). Don’t be afraid to get CONCORDed.

Speaking of CONCORD, do not enter high sec in a ship if you have GCC. You will get nowhere, fast.

To clean a belt of CONCORD without waiting for everything to despawn (which can take a very long time), after committing a gank and going GCC do the following:
1. Warp to a station in the same system in which you have no ships.
2. Dock up and get your free noobship.
3. Undock.
What this does is forces the CONCORD you’ve already spawned to move from the site of your first crime to the site of your current location (the undock of a station) to administer more swift justice. CONCORD will then stay there after your poor Ibis/Reaper/Velator/Impairor has been blown to bits, clearing the belt you were just at for either your return in 15 minutes, or for other gankers (who hopefully are courteous fellows as well).

Finally, have fun and gank lots of things.
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